Since I compleated my Masters in Trinity I have been getting more involved in design, particularly web-design. My primary focus has been simple and functional design that is easy to update, Saving cliants time and giving web-users more up-to-date information. My clients have mainly been musicians or artists because they lack the time and resources to effectivly learn the various web-coding languages and need a simple way to update their site. I don't use wordpress or other CMS systems because they are not quick enough at doing the typically simple and focused job that my clients want. I have instead developed my own system to allow the clients to type directly onto the page saving time and huge updating costs.

Below is a list of links to some of the websites I have built: • Newpark Music Centre, Blackrock. Home of Ireland's one and only undergraduate degree program in Jazz studies • Vocalist and Composer Sue Rynhart's portfolio site, featuring her music, reviews and concert dates. • Jeffers of Bandon, Piano Sales, Repair and Tuning • Multi-lingual site for Composer and Pianist Florian Ross • Crossing the Line Audio is a company offering high quality audio post production for Film and Documentaries • The Fuzzy Logic Ensemble website • My personal website